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Need label designer

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I am looking for a designer to help me with designing labels for supplements. I have all the info to get started. I live in Seattle, WA (PST - Los Angeles time zone). Please get in touch with me via WhatsUp: +12068222881.  Payment via PayPal or SWIFT bank wire.

All you need to do is design initial label and make the rest similar, changing words, image and supplement facts. Once you get hang of it, it will be very simple.

Do not use neon colors that are hurting eyes.

I really like to illustrate the purpose of the product on the front of the label. For example if it's sleep help product, I'd like to show someone sleeping, if it's bodybuilding product, I'd like to show chains, weights, fire, tires, steel, big muscles, if it's prenatal product, I'd like to show healthy pregnant woman or a baby smiling, if it's a weight loss - someone showing weight loss. For women specific products, happy and healthy women, for men, like prostate support - men playing golf etc. If there some kind of herb, or flavor, also to illustrate that herb or a flavor, for example Turmeric powder or if Lemon flavor, show lemon.

here are some examples (see attached as well):





First we need to design logo, for the logo design I am paying $15.

I am paying $10 per SKU (per product) and that includes label design in psd print ready format and 5 - 3D images, bottle next to the box, 3 bottles showing all sides, and 3 more images showing front, left and right sides. For professional, it should take 10 minutes to wrap the label around box and the bottle, it should be automated. You must know your software.

I need it fast at least 5 products done per day. I have design pickle alternative for $300 a month with unlimited designs, but I don't have that much time to wait, their turn around time is 24 hours per request. I need it faster and that's the reason why I am posting here.

The way it works, I need design similar to shwartz bio (see urls above). I will need 5 - 3D images for each product. Front image with the box, single bottle - left, right and back as well as boxed on the shelves.

Label only for the bottle, not for the box, we are not printing boxes. So only one label in .pdf print ready format for printing will be sufficient. We do not need to worry about the box, box is only for 3D presentation.

I will provide instructions for label size and words for each product.

Each project will be 40-50 products. There will be at least 10 projects like this (400-500 products) back to back at 50 each. If you can make it fast, all of these can be yours.

I will provide templates for each item. It will include all the wording, supplement facts and size you need. It will be white template. You can use it as a base for the design. I will make it easy for you.

Once you design one, the rest is easy, you just change colors, wording, supplement facts and some pictures - just like examples in the attachment.

Requirments - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qHFHUetfmWH7w3A2cpcri5Y5pAxw9SgGAra1j540y00/edit?usp=sharing


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    Артём Рощепа
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    I am creative and passionate graphic designer! I have experience in branding and logo design! I will create a great label and graphic design for your business. Please see my past work in attachments and portfolio in profile.

    Best regards,

    Україна Київ | 2 грудня о 00:13 |
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    Андрей Коваленко
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    The project details, budget and implementation deadlines In the correspondence!
    Tel.|Viber: +38 (093) 851-0829
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Україна Київ | 2 грудня о 09:10 |
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    Мария Ковалева
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    I send all the details in a private message.
    I will be glad to cooperate with you.

    My contacts:
    [email protected]
    WhatsApp, Viber: +38(095)474-35-70

    Україна Київ | 6 грудня о 11:57 |
  • $10 упаковка с визуализацией, $15 лого - это студенческие расценки. Чтобы заработать сумму, указанную в бюджете, нужно сделать в месяц  примерно 130 проектов, адекватная стоимость разработки которых не менее 50-150 долл каждый, если речь идет о разработке упаковок и лого.

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